event: bottle tops - wine, spirits and tasty food at franklin, hobart, June 19th

On the back of MONA's Dark MOFO, the greatest wine and spirits event to hit the southern island.

There are going to be a whole lot of excellent wines showcased by their makers. Progressive and delicious, low-preservative at worst, and served by the farmers - you won't find a better excuse to come down for a tasting.

We're focussing on our local heroes at this event. Come down and meet Ryan Hartshorn, creator of the most innovative vodka in the world and see if he has some aged stock on hand...it's sublime.

Also in tow will be Bert Shugg from The Retiring Gin. For a passion project, this is one great gin to get behind, if you can get your hands on any at all! Keep your eyes peeled.

More info to come, all we can say is get your flight and accommodation organised quick-smart!