event: trade tasting - Spirit people with Andrew Guard, Addley Clarke, Lo Fi, Domaine Simha, at Hubert, Sydney, 29th August

Hi Sydney! It's been too long and you've been very good to us.

We'll be bringing some exclusive, trade-only specialities, and look forwards to chatting about how spirits can fit into your aperitif, digestif and cocktail lists.

This is a free tasting for members of the trade exclusively.

We're all looking forwards to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time!

Here's a look at what you'll have the chance to try on Monday:

Andrew Guard
Giovanni Rosso (Barolo)
Hofgut Falkenstein (Saar)
Meyer-Fonné (Alsace)
Eric de Suremain (Burgundy)
Hervé Souhaut (Rhone)
Fond Cyprès (Languedoc)
Clos du Rouge Gorge (Roussillon)

Lo-Fi Wines
CRFT - Adelaide Hills
Laurent Saillard - Pouillé, FR
Les Vignes de Paradis - Savoie, FR
Paul Achs - Burgenland, AUT
Champagne Andre Beaufort, FR
Es d'Aqui - Gaillac, FR
Chateau Lestignac - Bergerac, FR
Matassa - Roussillon, FR
Kuhling-Gillot - Rheinhessen, GR

*Jilly Wine Co.
Monte dall'Ora
La Distesa

Domaine Simha Tasmania
Paysan Pet Nat
Süd Polaire gin
Tasmania Bitters

Walcher Distillery (Alto Adige):
Rondò Aperitivo
Venticinque Bitter
Romano Levi Distillery (Piemonte):
Grappa Paglierina
Grappa Ambrata
Vestal Vodka (Poland):
2013 Pomorze Unfiltered Vodka
2013 Kaszebe Unfiltered VodkA
...and maybe something from the master, Cristoph Keller....*