Event: Clever polly's dinner, january 23rd 2016

Menus are finalised and we are humbled to be given the floor of one of Melbourne's favourite and most progressive wine bars, the intimate and charming Clever Polly's.

This Saturday we will be stationed all day in the bar. There's an industry tasting running from 12-3pm, with free admission to all restaurant and bar staff.

Then from 7pm we will be taking a step to the side and allowing some of our favourite spirits to shine in conjunction with dishes prepared especially for the event by Clever Polly's chef Reneeé Trudeau.

The spirits on offer are all unflavoured, unfiltered spirits.

In the context of Clever Polly's and in the company of the lovely Lou, Jasmine & Chantelle, with Reneé's typically stellar dishes, we expect this showcase to elevate our spirits and yours.

The focus is to be on the high quality raw ingredients that comprise these otherwise unflavoured yet celebrated white spirits.

This will be memorable. There are a handful of spaces left (24 total!) so call 9077 9294 quickly and get along if you can!