Rondò aperitivo arrives!

That's right Spritz fans, the all-organic bitter rhubarb aperitivo is here, and our natural wine loving friends are certainly enjoying a splash of this chemical-free alternative in their pet-nat: see for yourselves!

Rondò can already be found at these hot spots:

  • 10 William St
  • Bar Brosé
  • This Must Be The Place
  • Dead Ringer
  • 121BC
  • Embla
  • Milton Wine
  • Neighbourhood Wine

But our pals at Geronimo Restaurant, Launceston, are particularly fond of what Rondò can do to elevate the simple Spritz Cocktail:

The Aperol Spritz is and always has be one of the quintessential aperitivo beverages. Heck, we sell quite a lot of them every week. However, our friend Gus from Spirit People stopped by recently to show off a new product that has us all a little excited.

Rondo Aperitivo is a 100 per cent organic competitor to Aperol, so you can argue it's better for your body and the environment - but actually we just think it tastes really, really good. Rondo is made in a family-owned distillery in the small town of Appiano, located in northern Italy, the epicentre of Europe's apple farms.

Just like any Aperitivo, Rondo is versatile and can be drunk by itself or mixed with other flavours. Today Gus was kind enough to give us an example of Rondo's potential with his own twist of an Italian classic.

Rondo Spritz
45ml Rondo Aperitivo
60ml Sparkling Wine
2 Drops of Sloe Bitters
Serve over ice and garnish with orange and strawberry

Thank you to Gus for his time.

(images by Ryan Norieks courtesy Geronimo Restaurant)

(images by Ryan Norieks courtesy Geronimo Restaurant)

No, thank you guys.

Cheers! And here is a cheers to putting on the spritz.


Rondò Aperitivo Bio

From a long family tradition of distilling by the Walcher family of Appiano, Rondó organic rhubarb aperitivo is meticulously created to be the greatest new base ingredient in your next spritz cocktail. Without artificial flavours or colours, Rondó shows a whole lot of natural fruit sweetness that blends perfectly with the crisp acidity of a dry prosecco or the funkiness of a pet-nat and leaves a delightful bitterness dancing over the back of the tongue.

All-natural, all-summer, as seen at The Broadsheet Restaurant, This Must Be The Place, Dead Ringer, Bar Brosé, Embla, Neighbourhood Wine and other places where fresh ideas and great ingredients are celebrated.


Style: Bitter Liqueur

Producer: Walcher Gutsbrennerei

Region: Sud Tirol/Alto Adige, Italy

Ingredients: Neutral spirit distilled onsite from organic grapes infused with extracts from organic herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables.

Agriculture: Organic with no artificial colours or flavours

Fermentation: Controlled

Distillation: Complex distillation and blending of distillates

Filtration: Spirit is neutral and stabilised before blending with extracts for colour and flavour.

Mutability: No red food colouring so colour may show signs of fading 2 years post-manufacture. We import tight quantities in chilled containers to maintain freshness.

Size: 700ml

Strength: 15% ABV

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