success for argalà and den klodsede bjørn at destille berlin 2016

We're excited to celebrate the success of Argalà Pastis and apple liqueur at Destille Berlin 2016. Also winning was Den Klodsede Bjørn Vodka. DKB also had some success in being reviewed in the eminent Difford's Guide. Bravo to our brilliant producers!

That's a gold medal for Argalà apple liqueur, along with silver medals for their pastis, and a strong showing with silver for DKB and a bronze for Den Rene Bjorn (the all-organic version of the Clumsy Bear).

It was brilliant to see the emergence and support of so many obscure categories. At Destille, rum is separated from rhum agricole, vermouth gets its own category as does pastis/anis, and fruit brandies, beer brandies and mezcal all get represented too.

This means that the lesser-known spirits are getting as much representation as the larger more universal styles, and this can only mean good things for innovation, for quality, and for the small producers who are doing their best to grow, ferment and distill their own spirits.

For the full list of winners and a glimpse into the future of good drinks, check the Destille website here.

Enrico Giordana, co- creator of Argalà, at Destille Berlin

Enrico Giordana, co- creator of Argalà, at Destille Berlin

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Difford's guide gets kicks from The clumsy bear

The most eminent guide on the internet for all things spirituous has recognised Frederik Plum of The Clumsy Bear, and the brilliant work that he's doing in conjunction with Trolden Distillery to produce Denmark's favourite homegrown spirit.

Russian-style vodka that truly celebrates the raw ingredients from which it's made.

We are in fact out of stock of this at present; though you may find a few bottles floating around such places as This Must Be The Place and Franklin. If you're lucky!

We've pinched a screenshot from Difford's Guide, please click here for more from this great authority.