Säntis Malt Swiss Alpine Whisky Edition Alpstein X

Säntis Malt Swiss Alpine Whisky Edition Alpstein X


From the eastern hills of Switzerland under the famous Säntis peak, comes a sneak peak at what we will be offering a lot more of in 2016. 

The pinnacle of the distillery's produce is the Edition Alpstein. In it's tenth iteration, we see the pure single malt aged in beer casks of up to 130 years of age, and finished in Merlot casks, for a total resting period of 7 years.

Has to be tasted to understand the quality of this spirit. The interaction of the single malt with such malt-soaked casks adds a sense of zen-like depth while the influence of the merlot casks introduces softer red-fruit notes that we find irresistible.

Next year we will have more Säntis Malts for you, but for now we have just one bottle available and this will make a perfect gift if you're quick. 

Bottle No. 665/2200

500ml | 48%

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